Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Service

Service Center at Thunder Mountain Harley-Davidson | Loveland, CO

Thunder Mountain’s Service department is dedicated to providing you with all your service needs. When you bring your bike to our new 6000 square foot shop you ride into our service write up area where the service techs gather the necessary information about your bike and the required service. Your bike is then taken to the shop where one of the trained H-D® technicians gives your bike the service it deserves. Once finished and tested the bike heads to the second floor parking garage where your bike is safe out of the weather. When you come to pick up your finished, fully cleaned bike, it’s brought out to you ready to ride.

Top 7 Reasons To Choose THUNDER MOUNTAIN's Service Department

  1. Competent, friendly and experienced staff with over 40 years of H-D® experience.
  2. H-D® factory trained technicians with over 65 years experience to ensure your safety and fix it right the first time.
  3. State of the art Dyno room with highly qualified techs tuning your bike to guarantee the most out of your performance upgrades. Featuring Smart Tune.
  4. Express Lane – No appointment necessary. Your schedule becomes our schedule.
  5. All bikes kept indoors before, during and after service work.
  6. Complimentary wash and dry with all services.
  7. Pick up or delivery when available.
Express Lane Service at Thunder Mountain Harley-Davidson | Loveland, CO
Service at Thunder Mountain Harley-Davidson | Loveland, CO
H-D Thunder at Thunder Mountain Harley-Davidson | Loveland, CO

Put some thunder in your ride!

Are you 100% satisfied with your favorite Hogs ride and performance?

Let’s put some Thunder in your Hog. Thunder Mountain Harley’s performance team can make your Hog perform like no one else can. Whether you want pavement pounding sheer horsepower or just smooth torqueing touring power, we have the package you need.

We specialize in 88-95 inch hopups, 96-103 performance upgrades, 110 and 113 pavement pounders and anything in between.

Our top shelf engine builders and dyno techs are proud of the 125 horsepower street machines they have built and you will be too. With nine H-D trained master techs and a world class dyno, no one does it better. Come in to our service department today and lets talk Hog power.

Tech Tips:

Preventive maintenance can go a long ways towards preventing unexpected breakdowns and time spent on the road waiting for help.

  1. Keep throttle and clutch cables lubed and adjusted.
  2. Check spark plugs, make sure they are clean and properly gapped.
  3. Low brake fluid can cause a spongy lever or spongy read brake pedal. If air enters the system it will need to be flushed.
  4. Check fluid levels, low motor oil, transmission oil, or primary fluid can cause noise and premature wear if left unattended you can burn up your motor, transmission, or clutch.
  5. Tire air pressure is critical to safety and tire wear. We recommend nitrogen tire service available at Thunder Mountain.
  6. Keep your batter fully charged. A battery tender is a great help here.
  7. It’s a good idea to carry extra spark plugs, fuses, and a quart of oil with you.
  8. Remember, if you don’t have the tools or the time to look at these things yourself, Thunder Mountain’s service department can help you with these items and any service need you may have.
Tech Tips at Thunder Mountain Harley-Davidson | Loveland, CO