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Upcoming Events

OCTOBER 1, 2018 – MARCH 31, 2019

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Here at Thunder Mountain Harley-Davidson, we understand that riding goes way beyond getting from point A to point B, it’s about the experience. For this reason, we have created a place where you can get that experience unlike anywhere else in our region. As Colorado’s largest Harley-Davidson dealership, we are a gathering place for you and other motorcycle enthusiasts to hang out and do what you do best: look at bikes, talk about bikes, think about bikes, ride your bike, dress your bike, dress yourself to ride your bike, get your bike worked on, brag about your bike… pretty much LIVE bikes. We offer many events throughout the year that give you the opportunity to do this with hundreds and sometimes thousands of other riders who crave it as much as you do. Please check our events calendar often or visit us on Facebook to find out when our next party kicks off and join the experience at Thunder Mountain Harley-Davidson!